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We've got many good writers. I go to poetry readings and stuff sometimes and the only thing that goes through my mind during those readings are: "These people are way more talented than me."

- Inkpot interview with Adrian Tan.

American History X is indeed potent in its message on racism. Perhaps the best thing in this movie is how it does not preach the racism message but rather focus on the development of its characters and allow then the message to be willingly digested, regardless of who's watching.

- Jack Choo, Inkpot review of American History X.

"At its heart, TEENAGE TEXTBOOK is a nice film... not very special or really memorable because it suffers from some weaknesses, but I liked it because of its sincerity. "

- WenQing, Inkpot review of The Teenage Textbook Movie.

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From November 1998: Omnimax movies at the Singapore Science Centre -- ALASKA: SPIRIT OF THE WILD and THE GREATEST PLACES. Hourly shows, from 10am - 8 pm. For schedules and descriptions, click here.

From 28 November: 10-week basic 16mm film-making course by Phillip Lim. Substation. 2 - 8 PM. $890 per person. Info: 3377535 (Substation). For full press release (including course breakdown, schedules and biographical information on the instructors), click here.

18-19 December: BL!NDMAN QUARTET PLAYS BUSTER KEATON. Guinness Theatre. Substation. 8pm. $20 & $15 (concession). Saxophone quartet accompanies Buster Keaton's STEAMBOAT BILL JUNIOR (silent, B/W, 1928). Info: 3377535 (Substation).

7 Jan - 3 Feb 1999: Exclusive Showcase at The Picturehouse: 4 week screening of films not released locally. Wk 1: DANCE WITH ME (Vanessa Williams, Chayanne), Wk 2: U-TURN (Dir: Oliver Stone), Wk 3: SIMON BIRCH (Starring Sean Penn, Jennifer Lopez), Wk 4: LOCK STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS (RA). Tickets $8. Movie-card at $30 gives you four movie stamps, on sale at Orchard Cineplex, Cathay cinemas in Dec. Singapore Film Society members pay $28 for movie card, $7 for tickets.

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