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  • The Latest (Updated October 27, 1998):

    Here are comments on some of our film reviews:

    On Saving Private Ryan

    If there is anything to be gained from the losses our forefathers suffered at Normandy, it is in a nagging insecurity we may have over whether we have "earned" the lease on freedom they bought for us
    To read this letter, click here.

    On the Inkpot'ssecond review of Titanic
    I like Titanic because it has alot of true stuff in it. ...

    look you people like who ever wrote titanic doesn't suck well let me tell you something it does and so do you. ...

    Titanic IS NOT, I repeat IS NOT STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or BORING!!!!!!!!
    To read the full letters, click here.

    On Heaven's Prisoners

    ... I must agree with most of your review except for one thing.

    To read the full letter, click here.

    On The Arrival
    . . . First of all HOW in the world can Aliens be able to kill every one that knows nothing about them and not even try to kill the "HERO"?

    To read the full letter, click here.

    It seems no one likes our Cake review:

    ... I had to clench my chair(while reading your nugget review)in controlling my anger.

    ... What kind of person are you to judge a person by seeing a picture of them and hearing them.......that tells me a lot about you...

    ... My God woman, what is your problem? Are you really offended by lyrics of healthy breasts?

    ... Your musical taste has been molded into an indistinguishable mass of liberal conformity that strongly carries the fowl stentch of pethetic phycology "my-older-sister-said-it-would-be-a-fun-mayor-with-a-cute- teacher" laden Fruedian b.s.

    ... You are clearly out of your mind.

    ... I have 7 words for you DON'T MAKE A LIVING OUT OF THIS

    ... I think cake is the best group out there and what that punk said could just get him hurt.

    ... Pardon me if this sounds sexist, but Cake is truly man's music, and perhaps it might have been better for someone of the intended audience to review it.  Sort of like letting a straight man review Thelma and Louise, or something.  

    ... Take some advice from the song Nugget on that album: "Shut the fuck up!"

    ... For starters, what's with the paragraph referring to John McCrea's beard and ugly appearance? One could wonder what is being reviewed here - an album or the singer's looks? ...

    ... How stupid can you be not to like Cake? ...

    ... What floats your boat may not float mine, that does not mean the music you enjoy is garbage, it just means that I dont like it. YOU SUCK ...

    ... I was wondering why someone who listens to Boys to Men, Baby Face, and Eric Clapton ballads even bought the Cake cd or why they felt that they were in a position to criticize them ...

    ... listen up you twisted brain dead freak. I know that the good lord put a mind somewhere in your head, and no matter how small it is, you can use it. Don't loose faith, one day you will have an original thought and not need your ideas, emotions, and enjoyment of life spoon fed to you ...

    ... You at least have to give them the fact that they are original and not another dime a dozen remake every shitty song in exisistance hip hop band. Well I hope you open your eyes to different kinds of music and stop acting like a little snotty valley girl ...

    To read the full letter, click here.

    Agreeing with the Unbearable Rightness of Marrying at 25

    "... and when you find someone you get along with and want to experience everything that happens next together with, then DO IT, i say. Don't wait for that flat, wait for that car and career. Because you may never get that career established ..."

    To read the full letter, click here.

    General I-like-you stuff

    "I think you have a great site going here. Keep it up!"

    To read the full letter, click here.

    More I-like-you stuff

    "It's the best thing to read that's out of Singapore."

    To read the full letter, click here.

    From a Classical Music reader:

    "I found the SSO reviews and the Diabelli articles the most interesting ...."

    To read the full letter, click here.

    You like us! You really like us! In response to our article on Haydn's London Symphonies:

    "I liked your article on Hadyn in Inkpot. :).."

    To read the full letter, click here.

    About, uhhhh, .. this guy just sorta wrote to us ...

    "... i wrote this in a fit of nasty temper brought on by watching the feel good movie 4 weddings and a funeral the TCS edition

    i have tried to post it to the newsgroup sg.rec.tv but it dissapeared after one day something's afoot i tell you ..."

    To read the full letter, click here.

    In response to our review of The English Patient (by Kelvin Ha):

    "... and my experience was identical, ie: very difficult to get into the book ... I did get to see the movie, and again found it very difficult to get into. The actors were superb, as was the music, and the cinematography. But the story itself was dull, uninspiring, and very un-original..."

    To read the full letter, click here.

    In response to our review of ARMY DAZE (which was written by our fugitive critic Ms Varnella Slipper):

    "... I was utterly disappointed with Army Daze, with all its stupid slapstick humour which have already become trite anyway... And no, I am not about to defend it just because it is our first effort, and all that patriotic blah blah...

    However, I feel u should not have put all the blame on Director Ong. I think the script itself sucks (if only Michael Chiang could hear this), and didn't give Ong much of a chance to showcase his directing skills. I mean, come on, there really isn't much he can do to salvage a scene that goes:

    "Oh Krishna!" "Oh, Lathi!" "Oh Krishna!" "Oh, Lathi!" "Krish-naaaah!" "Latheeeeee!....""

    To read the full letter, click here.

    In response to The Ambitious Arts, by Sherrie Lee Cheng:

    "It's too bad that the arts have taken a back seat in Singapore, but I can understand it from what I've read and that you confirmed in your column.

    ... Perhaps Singapore will learn (as unfortunately the US has forgotten) that if they are looking to business as the driving force for the economy, then they should looked to the arts. For every $1 spend on the arts, the city gets $3 back (through restaurants, cabs, hotels, etc.). So if it a financial consideration, eventually (hopefully) Singapore will understand the business >sense that the arts make."

    To read the full letter, click here.

    In response to My Grandson The Doctor: The Doctor Is In, by Pia Chew:

    "I definitely agree that 'My Grandson the Doc' will not give ER a run for its money, but it definitely will make me turn off the TV when it shows, or simply switch to channel 8!

    I give credit where it is due and it definitely is not due here!..."

    To read the full letter, click here.


    ".. Apart from nitpicking, yours truly have to say that you've hit it spot on there. You can't get more Singaporean than hanging out with your kakis at 1 am, Adam Road Hawker Centre downing teh tarik and wondering if you should throw caution to the wind and order a plate of tulang."

    To read the full letter, click here.

    In reply to the Inkpot BIRDCAGE movie review by Philip Lam:

    "How could you not understand THE FISHER KING? It was a story of a man who lost his partner tragically and created a fantasy world to cope with it. The main character ironically caused the situation and tries to help the man..."

    For the full letter, click here.

    In reply to the Inkpot KICKING AND SCREAMING movie review by Julian Lim:

    "I'm 29. I'm white. I'm still having trouble, y'know? Life is about trouble, in a lot of ways.."

    For the full letter, click here.

    In response to the Inkpot review of "First Words" by Kelvin Ha:

    (in chronological order)
    From Peter Wong.
    Reply from Kelvin Ha.
    From Toh Hsien Min (previously unpublished).
    From Cheong Yarn Marn.

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